Johan Riikonen / Radikal Akustik Design English

I was born at 1979 in Sweden, moved to Finland, Vantaa, 2008. I live here with a kid and my wife, so I’m here to stay!

A talented, experienced electrician, designer and enterpreneur

My first touch with high quality audio gear was at ten years of age; a friend’s dad had Nakamichi, Revox and NAD audio equipment. So I dedided I have to have as good stuff as well.

The next years I spent building speakers, modifying electronics and such. Naturally I started also to learn about electronics at school, went to work at an electronics facility, I even worked for a company that created military spec electronics.

I spent countless hours testing how different components affect sound, how speakers should be built and such.

People who love audio, music and electronics are scarce. But I love these all, and I am passionate about getting the most out of any device. The ”Wow, what a hell did you do” -moment always keeps me going and striving for more.

So here I now am, doing what I love the most: repairing, modifying and building electronics. By contacting me, you have my specialities at your hand.

The main topics:

Audio equipment repair

Speaker build & design

Audio equipment modifying

Build high quality cables